About Us

We are a Startup still in our initial phases. Our goal is to make QuintSpark a company that provides high quality innovative products and easy I.T. solutions along with a good customer service and at compartivelty affordable prices.

Our Mission
We aim at creating technologically advanced & interactive web applications and computer softwares with high ease of use and purely customer centralised functionality that meet every demand.
Our Vission
To establish QuintSpark as a leading player in the IT services industry, by offering quality services, professional development and long term commitment through ethical business practices.
On the Technical Side
We are technophilic serial coders. Technology is our Elixir, it is the force which drives us. We work-eat-live technology, always keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements and upgrades. We work with numerous technologies, the ones right at our fingertips are ASP.net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Silverlight, Visual Basic, SQL .....
The Team
We are a team of freshly graduated Computer and I.T. Engineers. We compensate our low on experience by getting a high on enthusiasm, higher on determination and apex claiming at hard work! Our team consists highly capable programmers with excellent team co-ordination, making development a fun and easy job.